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Email of the Day: Be Sweet And Adorable

By Dr. Laura on July, 13 2020
Email of the Day: Be Sweet And Adorable
I have three kids and am my husband's girlfriend. We have a terrific marriage that is built on love, trust, commitment, and friendship with a good dose of passion as well!
My husband is a pastor, and deals with other people's problems and dilemmas. Recently, I knew he had been counseling and he was stressed, worrying about someone's decisions and just bearing the load of his duty to God and his calling. So, I grabbed his shoulders, looked into his eyes and said "Babe, I feed you good food, we have lots of great sex, and I give you back rubs. Is there anything else I can do to help you right now?" He laughed, hugged me and said "Girl, there's not ONE more thing you can do, but please don't stop doing those!"

Tension in the household eased, and I was reminded that when I'm sweet and adorable, it helps him deal with whatever stresses he has, and I hold the power to keep my man happy and satisfied. Thanks for simplifying the recipe for a contented man for all of us who want a happy home.

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