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Email of the Day: But Momma – I Want YOU

By Dr. Laura on December, 14 2020
Email of the Day: But Momma – I Want YOU

When my wife and I were just beginning our family and I was going to school and working part-time, in order to help make ends meet she decided to babysit for my boss’ children while he and his wife ran their family business each day. At the time, it seemed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. My wife has a very tender heart for children, but each day when those kids were dropped off at our front door, they were always crying.


One day, their mom tried to convince them that she was doing what was best for them and said “If I don’t go to work today, we won’t be able to get the swimming pool we want.” The oldest child who was only three at the time said, through his tears, “But Momma – I don’t want a pool! I want YOU!” My wife’s heart broke. Despite her efforts to make them feel loved, she could not replace their mom.


This experience reinforced our decision for my wife to stay at home and always be at the crossroads of our children’s lives. We never wanted someone else to raise them. Another lesson learned was that despite my wife’s natural ability to love children, she never gave those for whom she babysat the same love and attention she gave our own children. I don’t think anyone but a mom can give the kind of love a child needs – not even another mom.


Ultimately, we had five children and she was always there for them. Children NEED their moms. Not even another loving mom is a suitable replacement.



But Momma – I Want YOU



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