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Email of the Day: Choose Wisely

By Dr. Laura on July, 9 2020
Email of the Day: Choose Wisely
I am just about to turn 50, and for the first time in my life have a wonderful man whom I plan to marry. I was engaged in my 20's, but before I had a chance to marry him, my mom was diagnosed with a terrible autoimmune disease and I chose to move back to her home and help her. I basically went to work, took her for dialysis, cleaned her home, and put my personal life to the side. Needless to say, my fiancΓ© wasn't the man I thought he was or could be. He wasn't there for me, so I ended the relationship.
I dated through the years, but always ended it after someone proved to me I deserved better. Two years ago, I connected with someone with whom I went to high school. We are so happy. I may have waited a long time, but he was worth it. Most of my friends, who used to tell me I was too picky, weren't as choosy and aren't as happy, or are miserable, or divorced.

Choose wisely, young women. Your happiness depends on it.

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