Email of the Day: Dancing is Like Marriage

By Dr. Laura on October, 4 2022
Email of the Day: Dancing is Like Marriage

Recently, my wonderful husband of over 25 years agreed to take a ballroom dance class. Not only was it a great date night, but it was also an excellent way to β€œconnect” with a swing, dip and a laugh. The teacher, however, gave some excellent β€œDr. Laura-worthy” advice that I wanted to share.


As she slowly broke down the steps for the waltz, she explained it to all the couples this way:

Dancing is like marriage.

Women, you have to allow the men to LEAD.

Even when they get it wrong, allow THEM to correct and lead.

Even when you think YOU know better, don’t take over.

The more you allow them to lead, the better they will become at leading.



Dancing is Like Marriage


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