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Email of the Day: Don’t Say You Haven’t Done Anything Great With Your Life

By Dr. Laura on November, 3 2021
Email of the Day: Don’t Say You Haven’t Done Anything Great With Your Life

I left my job as a veterinarian and became a full-time mom when my son was born five months ago. I also joined a “moms” Bible study at my church where we are watching a video series featuring a nationally known woman preacher. The Bible group is mostly comprised of women who have young children, but we do have some mature women whose children are my age as well.


One of the mature women shared that she never did anything great with her life, and that she stayed home to take care of her children and her husband. Her children are now happily married and raising their children. This woman once again repeated that she hadn’t done anything great with her life. When she finished speaking, I looked at her and said “I can’t believe you just said you hadn’t done anything great, yet went on to say all those things about your children and grandchildren.” She became serious and motioned to the TV where we were about to watch our weekly preaching video and replied, “I just meant I haven’t done anything like on the video.” I pointed in the direction of the church cemetery and said “Go out there and look at the headstones. You know what they say on them? It isn’t, "I was on a video. They say things like loving mother, wife, daughter.” She then got a little choked up, told me I was right and thanked me for saying what I had. When I told my husband this story that night, he “high-fived” me for speaking up and letting her know what was really important.



Don’t Say You Haven’t Done Anything Great With Your Life




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