Email of the Day: How I Cherish My Wife

By Dr. Laura on March, 10 2022
Email of the Day: How I Cherish My Wife

Early on, I made a decision to love, honor, and adore my wife forever. I’ve also decided:

1. that she is absolutely perfect for me.

2. there is not a cuter and more beautiful girl in the world.

3. that I will always provide for her.

4. that I will always protect her.

5. that I will always enjoy her.

6. that I will love her unconditionally.


Because of this, my bride has made my life a dream come true. She also cherishes me. She has always been my girlfriend and I her boyfriend. We are and have always been affectionate, which sometimes embarrasses our kids. But they have never doubted that mom and dad love each other and will never divorce. Any kind of argument is quite rare, and the kids have almost never seen us β€œfight.”


We got married right after graduation, and everyone said it would never last – that it was just β€œpuppy love.” I replied, β€œEveryone always loves a puppy!” Now that the kids are grown, I don’t have to share her with anyone else, except when we visit the kids and grandkids. Oh, and by the way, we just celebrated our FIFTIETH wedding anniversary!



How I Cherish My Wife



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