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Email of the Day: I Am A Dr. Laura Convert

By Dr. Laura on August, 21 2020
Email of the Day: I Am A Dr. Laura Convert

I have not always been a fan of yours, and I made the uninformed decision early on, without really listening to you, that you were harsh and cruel to your callers.  I made that decision based on little snippets of audio I heard here and there while changing channels on SiriusXM.


I’m a COVID survivor, and I’ve been going on long drives lately, trying to make sense of things.  I find these long drives therapeutic.  During them, I’ve tuned in to your program for entertainment, fully expecting to not like you or your advice.  However, when I began to listen – really listen – I finally started to “get it.”  You are extremely direct and super straightforward, but you have to be.  Some people just don’t respond to gentle nudging or softly delivered advice.  You are a truth-teller.  Even though it’s painful sometimes, it’s effective.  I’ve even begun cheering you on out loud in my car!

I’ve also started applying your ideas and philosophies to my own life.  I no longer am anxious over toxic family relationships.  I am my husband’s girlfriend, I’ve stopped whining, and I do not make myself a victim.  You’ve taught me to put on my big girl panties, keep my chin up and be a woman.  Thank you for all the good you do, the truths you tell and the strength you share.


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- September 28, 2021