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Email of the Day: I Am NOT Crazy, Stuck-up or Wrong!

By Dr. Laura on February, 9 2021
I Am NOT Crazy, Stuck-up or Wrong!

Growing up, I was called a β€œprude” because I didn’t believe in sex before marriage. I was told that I was β€œtoo picky” and β€œwould never find a guy” because I wanted to find someone who didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs, and who would respect my position about sex. It wasn’t just my peers saying these things – even my own mother said them!


Looking back, I think she felt guilty about shacking up with the man who eventually became my stepfather. I discovered your show when I was a freshman in college, and I was hooked. I thought β€œhere is a woman who understands why I have taken my position. I am NOT crazy, stuck-up or wrong!!” You made me feel like I was not alone, despite all the pressures from those around me.


I stuck to my guns, and you know what? I FOUND that wonderful man, and we’ve been married almost 22 years. We have four children (including a set of triplets, one of whom is named Laura). I hope to instill in them the same strength and moral compass that you helped me to find and maintain. I also plan to use your wisdom to help raise our little boy to be a MAN. Thank you for making me feel supported and sane and for encouraging us to value ourselves enough to wait for the right person.



I Am NOT Crazy, Stuck-up or Wrong!




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