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Email of the Day: I Didn’t Choose Wisely

By Dr. Laura on July, 23 2020
Email of the Day: I Didn’t Choose Wisely
I’ve only been listening for two years, but I’ve learned in that time how many mistakes I made in my past. Choosing wisely was one thing I didn’t do. I met a man, and the red flags were flying, but I was so worried no one else would love me that I latched on. We became engaged, but he broke it off. That should have told me to move on, but I didn’t. We ended up getting married, because I thought that if we married, everything would work out. I kept the house clean, cooked, made sure I always looked good and satisfied him. But because I didn’t choose wisely, none of that mattered.

After five years, the abuse began – verbally first, but some physical. I finally got strong enough to leave and filed for divorce. Sadly, the story didn’t end there. I met another man online who lied to me about his situation. I wasted ten years listening to his lies and trying to be the “perfect” girlfriend. I left my career and moved to be with him! I now sit here at 60 years old, alone, with no children. I never got to give birth or watch a child take its first step. I sit here alone because I didn’t choose wisely – not once, but twice. Choosing wisely is the most important thing a person can do. Please keep telling your listeners that when they see red flags, they should run the other way.


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