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Email of the Day: I Doubted My Ability To Be A Good Mother

By Dr. Laura on May, 25 2021
Email of the Day: I Doubted My Ability To Be A Good Mother

When I first became engaged to my husband, my boss was adamant that we "just be engaged" for a few years. She told me it'd be better if we "shacked up" and didn't do anything as drastic as committing to marriage. I was taken aback. Almost all the women in the office were on their second or third marriages, and their favorite pastime was husband bashing. Luckily, having been raised by loving parents who took great pains to instill values and the sacredness of marriage, I knew this was a world I didn’t want to be part of.


Much to the chagrin of my boss, my husband and I married without waiting years or shacking up. When pregnant with our first child, I was in "Hormone Land" with doubts about my ability to be a good mother, staying home full-time and finding our footing as parents.


As I voiced my concerns to my patient husband, he took me in his arms and said, "Do you know what this kid is thinking? He's thinking, 'I've hit the jackpot! I'm going to have a mom and a dad who have an intact home, who love and are committed to one another, and who are actually excited to start a family with me.' That's what he's thinking. How many other kids can say that?" As I listened to his wisdom, it dawned on me how correct he was. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have a foothold on parenting at that time, because the pillars and determination for a strong family unit were in place. Our dedication and hard work paid off, and eight years later, we’re a growing family who are happy, full of love and healthy.



I Doubted My Ability To Be A Good Mother



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