Email of the Day: I Failed Seven Times, But I Never Quit

By Dr. Laura on May, 20 2022
Email of the Day: I Failed Seven Times, But I Never Quit

I had my own business for close to a decade, but after having twins, I sold it, because I realized I couldn’t be a good business woman and a good mom. Once my kids were in school, I decided I would go back to school myself and work part-time around them. It was tough, as I had to re-do my high school diploma as I’m from England and it didn’t count here in Canada.


Then I had to learn to type 40 words per minute, which was really tough as I never took typing in school before. It took two years of continuous typing to get up to speed, and I was ready to take β€œthe test.” I had to type 40 words per minute continuously for five minutes without making a mistake in order to pass. I took that test five times over the course of five months, and I failed them all. I burst into tears after the fifth attempt, and my husband hugged me and said β€œYou can quit or you can keep going. The choice is yours.” So, I kept going.


Test 6: I failed. Test 7: I failed. I was so nervous when it came to Test 8 that I drank half a glass of wine to calm myself down. BUT…the eighth time was the charm! I passed, and it felt amazing.


You frequently talk about self-esteem, and I have to tell you, I was sooo proud of myself that day! I had failed seven times, but I never quit, and I passed on the eighth try. I never worried about the failures. I chose to just keep moving forward, even though it was hard. If you focus on the fear of failure, you will rob yourself of the joy of success.



I Failed Seven Times, But I Never Quit



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