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Email of the Day: I Have Only Sweet Memories

By Dr. Laura on November, 13 2020
Email of the Day: I Have Only Sweet Memories

I recently sent our old videos to be converted to digital files, and I’ve been calling up sweet old memories as I watch my teenagers as babies. My oldest is now 15, and looking back on those early days at home, I can only say to every mother contemplating the value of staying at home that I have no regrets – only cherished memories.


Every video captured not just their “littleness” but also our life – playing with the hose in the backyard, doing silly dances in crazy dress-up outfits and more. There wasn’t a rush to get to daycare, there wasn’t a hurry to play at night and squeeze in some “quality” time between pickup and errands and dinner and bed. There was just time to learn, grow, explore and bond. With four kids, there was also time to learn how to love someone else, how to show compassion and how to share the attention. All that space to safely explore and grow meant that the threat of not getting enough for yourself wasn’t there.


I am still home, and my husband reminds me that my job has just changed shifts, but is no less important. My presence is still vital to raising the hard-working, loving and responsible adults we plan to send out into the world. Thank you for encouraging moms like me and those who don’t know yet how wonderful raising your own children is for everyone.



I Have Only Sweet Memories


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