Email of the Day: I Hope You Dance

By Dr. Laura on February, 24 2022
Email of the Day: I Hope You Dance

I often hear you speak of the importance of couples holding hands, and how you compliment them when you see this. My husband and I are one of those couples, and I want to encourage listeners to try something that we also do to keep our marriage of 25 years loving and happy – we dance!


We’ve always danced in our home (especially to the Seals and Crofts song β€œSummer Breeze). One day, we were walking through a grocery store when that song came on over the speakers. We were in the back of the store with nobody around, so we started dancing together. He swirled me around and dipped me, and we slow-danced to the whole song. When the song was over, we heard someone clapping, and an elderly woman came around the corner. She had watched us the entire time. She told us how much she appreciated watching two people who obviously loved each other so much and thanked us.


Yes, we hold hands. Always have. But we also dance. The feeling of holding the person you love while slowly swaying to a beautiful song is very powerful.



I Hope You Dance



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