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Email of the Day: I Married a Mama’s Boy

By Dr. Laura on August, 20 2020
Email of the Day: I Married a Mama’s Boy

I married a mama’s boy.  He’s an only child.  We’ve been married for over 41 years, and his mother made our first 20 years miserable.  He always put her and his job first, and the children and I came in second.  We worked hard during the week, so we looked forward to and treasured our Saturday mornings, but that was not to be.  The phone rang at 7AM EVERY Saturday so she could talk to her precious boy.


We asked to her to stop calling so early, but she disregarded that request.  She died in 1999, and I thought things would get better, but they didn’t.  The next 20 years were almost as bad, as he wants and still misses his mommy.  I should have run as fast as I could back in 1978.  He recently had the gall to say to me that he wished his mother were still here to hug and kiss him all over like she used to do.  I think “why wouldn’t you want your wife to do that?”  We’re now in our mid-60s and I’ve made the choice to stay.  We’ve got assets, properties, and I don’t want to go through the stickiness and expenses of divorce.

I recently heard a call with a listener thinking of marrying her boyfriend who’s also a mama’s boy.  I hope she has the guts to move on and find herself a man who can and always will treasure HER and put her first in his life.


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