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Email of the Day: I Required A Commitment

By Dr. Laura on November, 4 2020
Email of the Day: I Required A Commitment

Before meeting my husband, I had a slew of unsuccessful relationships. I was doing everything wrong. After another dumb relationship, I changed my ways and became unapologetic about what I wanted, what I wouldn’t stand for, and what I wouldn’t do.

I had fewer dates as a result, but they were of a better quality, and I soon met my now-husband.

A few months before our wedding, I asked my soon-to-be husband why he wanted to marry me. I will never forget his answer. He said, “you were the first woman to ever require a commitment.” It may have sounded unromantic, but I knew exactly what he meant. I hear you tell women all the time that men only value what they have to work for, and it’s true. I can’t say I always did everything right, but I did make him work for me, and in return he valued me.


I Required A Commitment

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