Email of the Day: I Saw Firsthand The Power Women Have

By Dr. Laura on November, 8 2022
Email of the Day: I Saw Firsthand The Power Women Have

I saw firsthand tonight the power women have to flip the script of their environment and the attitudes of those around them.


My husband came home from work to candlelight, a clean home, dinner made and classical piano music playing in the background. I noticed a weight lifting off both his and my shoulders as we sat down to dinner. There was an ease and peace about our family, with sweet conversation, tender glances, and our six-month-old daughter happily held and rocked around the living room before and after. We were creating core memories for our family.


The entire evening was comforting, relaxing and easy. A lightbulb went off when I realized that it was I who created the opportunity for that to come forth naturally from my family. The same goes for our other daughter. I can give her the chance to be at peace and to relax, calm down and eagerly help with dinner. Or I can just accept defeat and assume there will be chaos 24/7 as a rite of passage for toddlerhood.


Iā€™m the common denominator in all of this, with my desire to create that effect and bring that attitude forth in my home. Women have significantly more influence than we think!



I Saw Firsthand The Power Women Have



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