Email of the Day: I Thought I Had “Clicked” With a New Guy

By Dr. Laura on October, 26 2020
Email of the Day: I Thought I Had “Clicked” With a New Guy

At 48 years old, I recently started dating again after ending a long-term relationship that was going nowhere. I met a man who I really liked. We “clicked” on all cylinders. On the third date, the issue of sex came up.

After a fun sixth date, the topic of sex came up again. He made it clear that he expected to engage in sex at this point in our relationship, asking whether or not I agreed that sex was a very important part of a relationship. I felt manipulated, so I walked away. As I got in my car, I teared up with disappointment. I was pretty bummed out all night.


However, I woke up the next morning with my dignity and feeling a sense of relief. Thank you for making it crystal clear to me and your listeners how a lady behaves. I appreciate your being such a meaningful guiding light in my life, since my own mother passed away ten years ago.



I Thought I Had “Clicked” With a New Guy

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