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Email of the Day: I Truly Do Have It All

By Dr. Laura on June, 4 2021
Email of the Day: I Truly Do Have It All

I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary to my hottie boyfriend of a husband. I had seen firsthand what a broken home can do to a child, and refused to build a family on a cracked foundation. I imagined we would be rich by now and would celebrate with some romantic and extravagant vacation. Maybe I would upgrade my diamond ring to something bigger and shinier. We would have it all.


Things are far different from what I had once imagined. I’m in a modest little house booming with the noise of four growing children. A freckle faced boy who can build just about anything out of Legos. A spirited 6-year-old daughter with her first "looth" tooth. And identical twin boys who keep me on my toes as their curious minds have them running in two different directions.


I celebrate ten years not with the sparkling of diamonds, but with the sparkling of four pairs of eyes looking up at me. I celebrate not at a bed and breakfast, but by bringing breakfast to my husband who is under wifely orders to stay in bed. I also get to go on all sorts of adventures in my magical backyard. My kids take me to any exotic place I want to go with their unending imaginations. I celebrate not in a fancy dress, but in yoga pants and gym shoes.


I smile because things aren’t so different from what I had once dreamed they would be. What I have is better than diamonds, vacations, and pretty clothes. What I have is ten years of living among the finer things. I truly am rich and have it all.



I Truly Do Have It All


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