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Email of the Day: I Want to Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

By Dr. Laura on September, 2 2020
Email of the Day: I Want to Be A Stay-At-Home Mom

I work as a Certified Nursing Assistant at an assisted living facility while I’m working my way through nursing school.  I’m 19, and I love my job.  However, the aides I work with are the living example of all the things you say not to do in this life.  They are shack-up honeys, have babies out of wedlock, compromise their standards for a good time, and they put their kids in daycare.  During our downtime, I have been reading “Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives, and boy, have I gotten a slew of negative comments from these aides.  They’ve told me there’s no point in reading it and wonder why I’m putting effort into wanting to be a good wife and mother someday.   Recently, I had a conversation about motherhood and future plans with another aide who is my age.  She despises the idea of being “just a mom,” and plans to work full-time when she’s a mother.  This was a great conversation starter for me to talk about you and how much I’ve learned from you in this book and by listening to you.  She laughed it off, but I couldn’t help thinking “Well, in 20 years, while you’re going through a messy divorce, I’ll be having a GREAT marriage being my husband’s girlfriend and my kids’ mom.


My mother was a stay-at-home mom, with many opportunities to take on different jobs.  However, she was proud of being “just a mom,” and made me proud to be her daughter.  I’ve never been more thankful for that choice she made long ago and for sticking by it.  Thanks for being a voice to mothers everywhere and for confirming that we’re doing the right thing.


I Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom

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