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Email of the Day: I Was Whiny and Nasty to My Husband

By Dr. Laura on October, 26 2022
Email of the Day: I Was Whiny and Nasty to My Husband

I am my kids’ mom, and for a long time, I thought that’s all I needed to be. Slowly, I watched as my marriage slipped into a nightly bickering routine right before my eyes. I actively participated in the deterioration. I complained AT my husband for the most trivial and random things. I watched this handsome, strong provider of a man starting to break.


Then I heard you talking to a whiny woman who sounded just like me. Although I’ve listened to you since childhood, only then did it β€œclick” for me. I learned that if I wanted to keep this wonderful man, I had to stop what I was doing and appreciate the hell out of him.


I’ve transformed from the bitchy wife who whines about unimportant details to try to make him prove he loves me at any and every moment to the girlfriend/wife who writes him love notes daily, telling him how much I appreciate him. I appreciate the work he does day in and day out to allow me to raise our family, I appreciate the way he fills up my gas tank without me having to ask because he knows it makes my life easier, and much more. Our marriage has blossomed into something so beautiful I don’t even recognize it. I want to show him how much he means to me because I see his shoulders broadening with pride each time I do.


It’s not always easy to take a step back and say β€œHey, maybe I’m the cause of the problem, and I need to change,” but it is always beautiful when you take that change head on and turn it into something you never dreamed of. I am finally my husband’s girlfriend and truly PROUD of it!



I Was Whiny and Nasty to My Husband



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