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Email of the Day: I'm a Changed Man

By Dr. Laura on June, 23 2021
Email of the Day: I'm a Changed Man

I was being a crabby, short tempered jerk, going to work early, staying late and coming home just long enough for a shower and some sleep. About a month into this stupid behavior, my wife insisted that I attend a fundraiser talent show that she was in charge of. I arrived about halfway through and sat in the back, grumbling selfishly to myself. The closing act of the program, unbeknownst to me until she walked on stage with her backup singers, was my wife. As they started lip syncing my attention immediately came into focus.


You see, the song they were performing was the song that was our ‘go to’ song to put on for “sexy time” which, by the way, hadn’t happened in a long time due to my crappy attitude. Well, my body responded like a Pavlov’s dog, and I had to walk to my car with my jacket in front of me. My wife chased me down in the parking lot, and took me home and got my mind right!! She loved me enough to go through all the trouble to remind me she’s my girlfriend. Instead of fighting with me, she helped me realize it's a better idea to come home early to what and who is truly the most important.



I'm a Changed Man


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