Email of the Day: I’m Glad I Didn’t Go the “Desperate” Route

By Dr. Laura on February, 1 2021
Email of the Day: I’m Glad I Didn’t Go the “Desperate” Route

When I was younger, instead of the online dating scene, we had the “bar scene.” I remember each birthday that I was single, from age 26 to 30. I tried meeting guys at the bar, but I didn’t like that atmosphere.


I didn’t like being around drunks. I watched my friends marry and have kids, and yet I was still single. The men who were available were either divorced, divorced with kids, or living in their mom’s basement. There were a lot of guys I could have “settled” for, but I just couldn’t do it. Something always held me back.


It was very lonely at times, and once I hit 30, I came to accept that I would probably never get married and would be single the rest of my life. But it’s when your hand is empty that you are able to receive. If you are mixed up with someone and going nowhere, how can you be available for the one you were waiting for?


I met my husband when I was 32, and we married when I was 36. Later this year, we’ll celebrate our 25th anniversary. I’m glad I didn’t go the “desperate” route. I found someone who is loving, trustworthy, strong, and dependable – all the characteristics and traits a woman should look for in a man.



I’m Glad I Didn’t Go the “Desperate” Route




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