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Email of the Day: I’m Using My Mothering Skills to Help Others

By Dr. Laura on July, 1 2021
Email of the Day: I’m Using My Mothering Skills to Help Others

My triplets left for college two years ago, and as a stay-at-home mom, I was left with only my youngest child. I thought my world would end because being a mom to four was the job I was best at.


Recently, my youngest and I heard a call on your show about finding your passion. My now high school senior said “Mom, the best thing you do in life is being a mom. You’ve raised us and helped us fly. It’s time to help someone else and give them the gift of having a mom like you.” I signed up that day to be a CASA advocate for foster youth and am now working with kids who desperately need me. On Mother’s Day, all my own kids told me how proud of me they are that I am now a mom to four foster babies and I could get all my mothering out in those kids.


Without staying home with my kids and helping them find their passion, they wouldn’t be thriving and happy. And without you daily reminding me I am valuable for my gifts as a mom, my new foster kids would never have had me. The best things I’ve ever done and the things that make my life happy every day are the things you tell people all the time: be a girlfriend to your husband and the payback will be amazing; be a present stay-at-home mom, and go do the right thing! Thank you for my happy, fabulous life!



I’m Using My Mothering Skills to Help Others



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