Email of the Day: It Takes a Father To Make a Man

By Dr. Laura on October, 18 2022
Email of the Day: It Takes a Father To Make a Man

You’ve saved lives, marriages and families by speaking the truth in a world of immoral self-centeredness. I benefit from one of your truths daily: the reality that boys need an alpha-male dad in the home every day. When I hear callers choosing to create a life without a father, I turn my sadness of their reality into gratitude for my husband.


We have two teenagers. Our oldest is a daily reminder of β€œI wanted a baby, not a teenager!” While he lives in a world where testosterone trumps any and all female opinions, my husband is there to challenge, guide, direct and role model for him how to treat and respect a woman, his wife, and our son’s mom – me! When I told my husband that our son had apologized to me for being rude, my husband turned and got right in our son’s face and said β€œYeah, but did you mean it???” My husband holds our boys to a high standard of behavior and respect. I appreciate and admire that, but I know I would not be able to enforce it without him. What many single-parent females fail to realize is it may only take a sperm to make a male, but it takes a father to make a man.



It Takes a Father To Make a Man


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