Email of the Day: Little Sweet Things Improve My Marriage

By Dr. Laura on March, 8 2022
Email of the Day: Little Sweet Things Improve My Marriage

My husband and I are empty-nesters, and have gotten into the bad habit of eating dinner while watching TV. This has bothered me, but I’ve been too lazy to do anything about it. This past weekend, I randomly decided we would eat in our dining room, which is a cozy, intimate, lovely space. I often have friends over for lunches and book clubs and make a huge deal about setting a pretty table. Why didn’t I think to do this for my marriage?


I made a simple, but delicious, dinner. I put out candles and plated everything rather than making it self-serve. It wasn’t a huge effort, but it was really nice! We sat and chatted. I had a glass of wine. It felt indulgent, when that shouldn’t have been the case. That was Saturday night. We’ve had dinner at the dining room table every night since.


You always remind us it’s the small things that make a difference and it really is. I’m having so much fun coming up with little things like cards and this dinner at an actual table to reinvigorate my marriage. And it’s so worth it!



Little Sweet Things Improve My Marriage



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