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Email of the Day: Making a House a HOME

By Dr. Laura on August, 3 2020
Email of the Day: Making a House a HOME

I was off track for a while, and then I chose wisely.  When I was married for six years and had two small children, I worked full-time.  Each day the four of us would leave the house together at 6:30 AM.  We dropped our boys off at daycare, I would get dropped off at work, and my husband drove to his workplace.  We reversed the order at the end of the day and often got fast food for dinner because I didn’t have the time or energy to plan and prepare nutritious meals.  We spent the weekends cleaning the house and getting organized for the upcoming week.  I often said, “I’m a better mom when I go to work.” That’s when I discovered you.


I knew quickly that I needed to be home raising my boys.  Initially, my husband resisted the idea, but eventually came around, even though I was the only at-home Mom in our circle of friends.  He even told them “I wish she were still working, but I’m sure the boys love having her at home.”  I learned to mother my boys properly and to be a better wife to my husband.  After a year, he told our friends “I LOVE having her at home and can’t imagine her ever going back to work.”  Thanks to you, we went from living in a house to living in a HOME.  And today, my husband and I celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary.  Life is good!


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