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Email of the Day: Marriage Wisdom From Dr. Laura

By Dr. Laura on June, 9 2020
Email of the Day: Marriage Wisdom From Dr. Laura
Back before COVID-19, I hosted a bridal shower for a lovely young woman I have known for many years. She chose a wonderful young man and has made great choices in her life. The guests and I took turns giving her three bits of advice for a happy marriage. The advice I gave was very much inspired by your wisdom, Dr. Laura!  Here it is:

1. Treat your husband like your hero and he will be.

2. Be your husband's girlfriend -- never his mother.

3. Separate blankets. (ok, that one is totally mine!)
And I could have added a fourth:
4. Men and women are gloriously different. This should be celebrated and enjoyed. The perfect balance if we do it right!

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