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Email of the Day: My Children Are My Reward

By Dr. Laura on June, 1 2021
Email of the Day: My Children Are My Reward

I always expected as a woman that I would work, get married, work, have children, work and then retire. It never crossed my mind that there was an alternative way, until I found you over a decade ago. I’m 36 and have been married for 11 years. We have three little girls all under the age of five.


One thing that stuck with me is your message to protect our children. The word β€œprotect” struck a chord with me. While the expectation was that I would have to work once I had children, you made it possible for me to realize there is always a choice we can make. That’s when I decided that when we had a family, my job and responsibility would be to care for and protect them, while my husband’s job was to support and provide. We’ve never looked back and have made it work since our first child was born.


We live modestly and have no regrets. I have unplugged from social media, and have focused my time and attention on them, and not on how many β€œlikes” I get. I don’t have to give my kids a phone to keep them distracted, and I have the opportunity to homeschool them too. I am fully open to their needs and, in many ways, they are teaching ME. As a result, I’m maturing as a mother, wife and human being. While there are moments of stress, we’re making more memories out of hugs, kisses, β€œpretend” birthday parties and afternoon maps. They are my reward, and I hope they see a woman and mother who is loving, nurturing and protects her kids. You’ve guided us on the path to do so.



My Children Are My Reward



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