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Email of the Day: My Children’s Incredible Grandmother

By Dr. Laura on May, 3 2021
Email of the Day: My Children’s Incredible Grandmother

My mother passed away at only 62 years of age after a 15-month battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease. She left behind not only me, but seven grandchildren whom she dearly loved.


My mom was a fabulous grandmother. She taught my kids things like how to sew on buttons, how to set a proper table, and how to count and tell apart colors for my younger ones. She brought projects for each holiday, baked with them and read to them. She would notice when I was in need of more dish towels or a new skillet or when she felt the kids “needed” a box of goldfish crackers and then would bring them the next week. She loved them unconditionally.


A year after she passed away, I welcomed my eighth child, who I named after her. She would have loved my daughter’s feisty personality and her determination. She is strong and sure of herself just like my mother. She would have been proud of all the others too, who are growing into fine young men and women.


As we get closer to Mother’s Day, remember to love your parents and your children, because tomorrow is never a guarantee.



My Children’s Incredible Grandmother



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