Email of the Day: My Husband Cheated Right Before Our Marriage

By Dr. Laura on March, 1 2022
Email of the Day: My Husband Cheated Right Before Our Marriage

During the pandemic, I learned that my husband cheated on me right before we got married. Although I had always feared this to be true, when it was finally confirmed, I was angry, heartbroken and honestly ready to throw in the towel. I felt I had every right to, since obviously I had married this man under false pretenses! However, a part of me wanted badly to stay in the marriage, and that’s when I stumbled on an episode in your podcast that addressed this issue.


At first, when I was listening, I was angry at the way you so bluntly demanded that wives change their behavior. I thought HE was the one who cheated on ME. Why should I be the one to stop the drama? I’ll admit that I almost liked the leverage I had over him in that situation until I heard you say β€œyou are not going to keep the power forever.” That was truly eye-opening to me. I knew we couldn’t continue in the cycle I was keeping us in, as it was making us both miserable.


That evening, I played that episode for my husband, and by the end of it we were both in tears and shared a much-needed hug. I got past the whining and into the loving. I also took your course and read your books, and I am applying all I’ve learned from you into my daily life. My marriage is better for it. You will forever hold a special place in my heart.



My Husband Cheated Right Before Our Marriage




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