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Email of the Day: My Husband Had My Back

By Dr. Laura on June, 28 2021
Email of the Day: My Husband Had My Back

My husband and I were at a Christmas party and our daughter was two months old. It was our first time out, and we weren’t planning on staying long. A friend of ours told me I looked really good and he couldn’t believe I had just had a baby. I thanked him and moved on. He kept coming back over to me and each time his comments got more and more raunchy.


Finally, my husband had had enough. He said, “Hey ‘Bob,’ come here a minute.” He had called him over to the sink. My husband said “Open your mouth; I want to show you something.” ‘Bob’ (not his real name) had been drinking, so he really didn’t think twice about the request, and he opened his mouth. That’s when my husband pumped soft soap into his mouth and said “Don’t ever speak to my wife like that again!”

I LOVED it, and I thought you would get a kick out of it too. Our daughter is now 25 and getting married this fall, and my husband continues to have my back!

My Husband Had My Back



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