Email of the Day: My Husband Loved My Chemo Wigs

By Dr. Laura on November, 4 2022
Email of the Day: My Husband Loved My Chemo Wigs

Several years ago, I got breast cancer. I had one breast removed and began chemotherapy. I was told my hair would fall out – my beautiful hair! Somehow, I managed to accept the loss of a breast, but my hair? It was just another blow to my femininity (and I had been quite feminine).


The day my hair began to come out, I was alone. The next day, my grown kids had me over for a β€œshaving” party. We laughed together, and there was no reason to cry. In the meantime, my husband never balked at any of the loss of my sexiness. He made love to me as if I were just as attractive as I had always been. I wore wigs during the year it took for my hair to grow out, and he loved them, and I loved them. Once my hair grew long enough, I didn’t need them anymore. I gladly gave them up – they were hot and made me feel like a gal with cancer.


One day, my husband sweetly said he wished I’d wear them once in a while to dinner. I hesitated, thinking why should I? Then I remembered that I WAS his girlfriend. I had been so satisfied by his complete loving response to me even after losing a breast and my hair that I sort of rested on those laurels. So, I started wearing the wigs occasionally, and he was thrilled. I DID look good in those dang things and I felt sexy when I wore them. Since then, I have remained my husband’s girlfriend and he has remained my hero. We’re more in love now than we’ve ever been.



My Husband Loved My Chemo Wigs



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