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Email of the Day: My Kids Were Paying Attention!

By Dr. Laura on April, 28 2021
Email of the Day: My Kids Were Paying Attention!

Now that schools are talking about opening up again, I wanted to share a school story from a few years ago. Back then, my kids listened in the car whenever you were on. They sometimes whined, "How long is Dr. Laura going to be on?!!" wanting to get back to the Hits 1 music channel on SiriusXM. This led me to believe they had tuned you out.


My then 9-year-old's teacher was getting married. A note went home with the kids asking the parents for advice for a happy marriage. They were making a class journal for the soon-to-be groom. I came across the note from the teacher a week AFTER the wedding and I asked my son why he never gave it to me and his dad to fill out. His reply, "I didn't need to. I just wrote 'Choose wisely, treat kindly.' “


Let's just say I think my kids were more tuned in than I thought! And we continue to “tune in” every day!



My Kids Were Paying Attention!




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