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Email of the Day: My Man Earns “Awesome Husband” Points

By Dr. Laura on October, 29 2020
Email of the Day: My Man Earns “Awesome Husband” Points

My husband and I have been married 43 years. We made a promise from the beginning to keep making each other happy and not have our children suffer from the effects of divorce (my parents divorced when I was eight). Our struggles are few and far between at this stage.

Every day we have together is a gift. When my husband does unexpected sweet gestures, like making the bed or opening the garage door for me or sending me a random text telling me he loves me, I tell him how sweet he is and that he just earned 100 “Awesome Husband” points. He knows that when he reaches a thousand points, he earns a gift of either a passionate evening with me or his favorite dinner or treat, in addition to our already healthy romantic life. This is one small way I show him how appreciative I am of the thoughtful things he does. He earns those points quickly and likes to please me. My biggest joy is to compliment him after all these years and look for ways each day to make his day better. He still makes my heart flutter!


My Man Earns “Awesome Husband” Points




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