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Email of the Day: My Parents Did the Right Thing!

By Dr. Laura on July, 27 2020
Email of the Day: My Parents Did the Right Thing!

I’ve heard you take calls from women who wonder if they should divorce their husbands even if they have young kids, because they’re unhappy in the marriage.  I want to share with you my story – an adult whose parents chose their children.


I’m 55 years old.  I learned after my youngest sibling graduated from high school that my parents were getting a divorce because they were “not in love,” and they only stayed together to raise us.  That may sound like a miserable existence, but because my parents chose US, my siblings and I woke to our Dad playing Handel’s “Messiah” every Sunday morning.  We had pizza every Friday as we watched “The Rockford Files” together, we ate dinner every night as a family, we were tucked into bed and told that we were loved by them every night and much more.  Even at age 25, I was heartbroken to hear they were divorcing, but how much worse it would have been if they had divorced when I was a child!

They’ve been divorced for over 25 years and have found peace and happiness being on their own.  They still celebrate holidays with us as a family.  Several years ago, when my mother asked us if she did the right thing by staying with our father to raise us, we assured her that she did and then ticked off every experience we would have missed had they divorced.  Please keep strongly encouraging your listeners to do the right thing!


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