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Email of the Day: My Sons Won’t Have “Mama-itis”

By Dr. Laura on September, 17 2020
Email of the Day: My Sons Won’t Have “Mama-itis”

When I was growing up in Mexico, I always heard that a man with “Mama-itis” (what you call a Mama’s boy) was not a good thing.  My husband and I have two sons, ages 10 and 16.  Even though I knew having mama’s boys was not good, I was starting to feel left out because I only had sons.  I didn’t ride single track on a dirt bike, I didn’t take them shooting, and I didn’t have “cool” guy friends like my husband.  My husband took care of that, and they have a great relationship with him, for which I’m grateful.


Recently, my ten-year-old asked me who was the most important woman in his life.  I told him I was probably the most important woman right now, but when he got married, his wife would be number one.  When I looked at his face, I didn’t see a boy anymore – his expression showed me he was becoming a man.  He embraced what I said, and I could see that it made an impact.  I want my sons to grow up to be good men, and you are helping me shape them and make a difference in their lives.  Thank you!



My Sons Won’t Have “Mama-itis”

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