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Email of the Day: My True Worth Isn’t Measured by Job Success or Money

By Dr. Laura on October, 26 2021
Email of the Day: My True Worth Isn’t Measured by Job Success or Money

Two years ago, I became a stay-at-home mom. It’s been the best decision of my life. The memories I’ve made with my two girls are priceless. Being there for them during their most formative years is meaningful in a way no job ever has (or will be).


I used to buy into the larger cultural narrative that my worth was predicated on my job success and how much money I made. I now realize how foolish and damaging that message is. As a child, I was cared for by sitters and daycare workers six days a week. I would often eat dinner at my babysitter’s while I waited for my mom to get done with work at seven. I not only felt lonely and unloved, but also ashamed about what I now know were normal emotional needs.


Your continuing to advocate for stay-at-home moms gives me encouragement, because I’m bombarded with subtle reminders about how much better working moms and their hired help are. I’m told how one cousin who makes seven figures has her kids in a fancy daycare where they’re learning a second language and doing advanced craft projects. Another friend has a kid who eats a different exotic cuisine each day of the week at his daycare. I know firsthand that these daycares don’t serve up what a young child needs most – love, attention and values. And that’s why I’ll never put my children in one.


I truly believe we’d see a lot less anxiety, depression and divorce in our families if parents put their kids before their careers and the almighty dollar.



My True Worth Isn’t Measured by Job Success or Money





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