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Email of the Day: No Returns!!

By Dr. Laura on June, 2 2021
Email of the Day: No Returns!!

During the early years of my younger sister’s marriage, she and her new husband arrived on my mother’s doorstep. My brother-in-law said to my mother something along the lines of “This isn’t working; I’m bringing her back.” My mother looked at him, looked at my sister, turned back to him and said “You married her – no returns! You two have to figure it out. Love you!” and then sent them on their way.

They’ve now been married over 35 years and are very happy, so they apparently figured it out. And now it’s become a family tradition (because there were five daughters and lots of nieces), that when one of them gets engaged, the prospective groom is always asked “Are you sure you want to marry her? No returns!”



No Returns!!


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