Email of the Day: Our Love Is Like A Favorite Song

By Dr. Laura on March, 30 2022
Email of the Day: Our Love Is Like A Favorite Song

My husband and I had a rough year, caused by several outside factors over which we had little control. However, our relationship grew through facing these difficulties together. So, I wrote him a note that I intend to leave with a little β€œbag of goodies” in his truck tomorrow as a surprise for him. Here’s what’s in the note:


What is love? What does it feel like? A friend once asked me this, and in thinking of OUR love, something struck me. Our love is like a favorite song. When it comes on the radio, you begin singing along, joining in, knowing all the words. Then the chorus hits, loud and exciting, and your whole body feels the joy. Your happiness radiates through you and fills the space you’re in. You smile. You laugh. The song ends and you feel fulfilled, energized and even β€œlight” in a way. You want to hear it again, so you can feel all of that again. My love for you is like a song, and I could listen all day long.


Thank you for nagging me to be my husband’s girlfriend and to leave little treats like notes and homemade snacks for him. He does the same thing for me, and we are happier because of it!



Our Love Is Like A Favorite Song



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