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Email of the Day: Proud to Be My Kids’ Dad

By Dr. Laura on August, 7 2020
Email of the Day: Being Loving Makes Life More Livable

24 years ago, I married my sweetheart and became the dad for her five-year-old son.  I had a lot to learn, so I listened regularly after I discovered you shortly thereafter.  I adopted him a year later.


He’s all grown up now, and I have to thank you for all the advice you gave.  He has four wonderful kidlets of his own and he’s a better and more natural father than I ever was.  We had two additional kids, who are wonderful, even though they are still teenage weirdos.  I still use the mug that says, “I Am My Kid’s Dad,” and I also wear the matching T-shirt!  I’m so proud to be called my kids’ dad.  As I get older, they all teach me about as much as I teach them.  Thanks for being just awesome!

Always going to be my kids’ dad,




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