Email of the Day: Put On Some Music and Take A Walk!

By Dr. Laura on June, 7 2021
Email of the Day: Put On Some Music and Take A Walk!

I used to take my kids everywhere with me, but since the pandemic, I wasn’t getting out with my smallest children. It was easier to just stay home. I was lazy, because getting out of the house meant possible β€œpooplosions,” meltdowns and other uncontrollable events with young kids. I let fear dictate my happiness.


You suggested to a recent caller to just put on some music, put the kids in a double tram and go for a walk, so I did just that. The sun was shining, and the weather was spectacular. My endorphins were pumping, the kids were smiling and it was just the jump start we needed.


I’m usually drained and completely fried when all the kids are fed, the kitchen is clean and they’re down for the night. Then it’s round two, making sure my doctor husband has a hot meal ready. I needed the perspective you gave that caller – he is working all day just to take care of us, and I am working at home, loving the kids, which takes care of us too. We are a team, and we should love and lean on each other. It’s a privilege.


Thank you for the paradigm shift and perspective readjustment that I needed. My kids and my husband deserve all the happiness, sunshine and love that I can provide them.



Put On Some Music and Take A Walk!




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