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Email of the Day: Speaking Up Instead of Shutting Up

By Dr. Laura on June, 24 2021
Email of the Day: Speaking Up Instead of Shutting Up

I always wanted to be a stay-at-home-mom. I used to be a nanny, and the little girls I cared for craved their mom's love during the day, but got so attached to me that they would cry, not wanting me to leave them at night. This broke my heart and further instilled that I would never do this to my own children.


Today, I am my husband's girlfriend and a full-time mom to a 7-week-old-boy and a 2 Β½-year-old daughter. I get daily emails from a baby forum with discussions and a recent one titled β€œCalling all working moms!” was from a mom worried her baby would forget about her and become attached to her caregivers when she went back to work. I responded with my story and a mini Dr. Laura rant about all the precious moments she would miss and how she can be replaced at work but no one can replace her as a mommy. Then I read through some of the responses from working moms. Within their responses I saw all the reasons TO stay at home! For example:


β€œDon’t worry about this at all!!! Your little one spent nine months in your womb listening to your heartbeat. He will not forget you or your smell!!! When he sees you at pickup he will smile and it will just melt your heart. Remember there are other babies in the room so he won’t get the 1-on-1 attention you can give him. Kids will always need their mamas!!”


I know what I said might anger some of those mothers, but maybe by adding my two cents, I will be able to toss a few starfish back into the sea like you do.



Speaking Up Instead of Shutting Up




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