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Email of the Day: Staying Home With My Husband

By Dr. Laura on August, 14 2020
Email of the Day: Staying Home With My Husband

My husband and I have been married 37 years and are empty nesters.  Here’s how we’re able to not only tolerate but really enjoy each other during the pandemic. 


I wake up smiling and greeting my husband each morning with a hug, a tap on the butt, or a kiss.  We are creatures of habit and have breakfast, lunch and dinner together every day.  We stay in touch with our families and friends and make our dream plans for trips to visit friends we haven’t seen in a long time or go to places we have yet to visit.  We read, listen to music and watch Netflix in the evenings.

You would think we know each other too well at this point in our relationship, but we have been able to share more stories of our childhoods, schooling, and family experiences than we have ever shared before.  This unusual time is one for reflection and love.  Thank you for being the model and inspiration for me to be a girlfriend and wife to my dear husband.


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