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Email of the Day: The Most Challenging Job I Have Ever Taken

By Dr. Laura on March, 19 2020
Email of the Day: The Most Challenging Job I Have Ever Taken
With your support and teachings, I have happily stayed home with my kids, have kept a stress-free home and husband, and been able to work around my family's schedule from home.  My kids barely notice that I work part-time as a software engineer. 

Once we had kids, with full support from my husband, I re-routed my own professional ambition in order to raise two happy, responsible and well-adjusted kids.  It has not been easy; in fact, it's been the most challenging job or project I have ever taken on!  But staying home with my kids has paid off one thousand-fold, and it's more satisfying to see them confidently take on the world than any workplace job could have ever possibly been. 

Several months ago, you did an opening commentary about how to give your kids a pep talk.  You told a story of how your dad would tell you to "Give 'em hell!" when you took on a challenge.  Now I've adopted those three simple, but meaningful, words as my pep talk to my kids when they're about to take on dance competitions, baseball games, geometry tests or swim meets.  In return, I get a huge smile and a thumbs up from them, and that means everything.  Thank you for helping guide my life for the better.  And keep on "giving 'em hell!"

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