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Email of the Day: The Power of a Hug

By Dr. Laura on October, 27 2021
Email of the Day: The Power of a Hug

I decided it was a good day to reset an internet extender that had stopped working months ago. What I thought would be a half hour โ€œfixโ€ turned into a four-hour back-and-forth with technical support before the problem was resolved. The frustration was building, so I decided to make lunch in between my support calls. As I walked to the kitchen, I could hear my husband yelling to me from the other room, trying to get my attention. It frayed my last nerve.


I turned down the hall and asked him to โ€œSTOP YELLING AT ME!!! If I donโ€™t answer, come and get me instead of yelling louder!โ€ He told me what he wanted and I headed back to the kitchen. He followed me, and in the middle of the kitchen whirled me around and wrapped me up in one of his great bear hugs. I took a breath and whispered โ€œI needed a hug.โ€ I could feel him start to laugh and I added โ€œโ€ฆ.or twoโ€ and we both broke into laughter at the absurdity of my getting upset. We hugged a little longer, ate lunch, tech support called back with a solution, and all was well in our world.


Weโ€™ve been married for 21 years, and he knew a hug would go a lot further than a snappy comeback. Hugs are powerful! He calmed me without saying a word. Please keep advocating for hugs over fighting, snarkiness and complaining. They really do work!



A happy wife

The Power of a Hug





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