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Email of the Day: The Struggle Was Worth It

By Dr. Laura on July, 14 2020
Email of the Day: The Struggle Was Worth It
I homeschooled my children, and while it was a struggle some days, I kept telling myself they would thank me one day. My daughter, who is 19, recently posted this shout out to me on her graduation:
It might be hard for others to understand the sacrifice you made to quit your job years ago to be a stay-at-home mom. That was just the beginning. You were criticized, judged, and questioned by many and when you made the big step to homeschool us, those negative comments doubled. You fight for freedom of education, for stay-at-home parents, and for the spiritual and mental health of your kids and others. And ultimately, you fight for love - a love so strong that you couldn't bear to see your kids get eaten alive for seven hours a day at a public school. The bonds I grew with you, Dad, and my sisters during this homeschool journey are strong and inseparable.
For those who still don't understand, homeschooling isn't to shelter your kids. It's not to keep them from seeing anything outside of their windows. It's the opportunity to learn how you want to learn, to discover your abilities, talents and passions and to work toward them. I cannot thank you enough. Happy graduation, Mom! I can't wait to homeschool MY kids someday.

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