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Email of the Day: There ARE Good Men Out There!

By Dr. Laura on September, 11 2020
Email of the Day: There ARE Good Men Out There!

When I found you three years ago, I was 27, single, and starting to sway from my morals and values.  I was raised in a home where you didnโ€™t shack up and you didnโ€™t have sex before marriage.  At 27, however, I was often the only person I knew who felt that way, and when I shared those values with men Iโ€™d date, that was often the last date!  I felt hopeless that I would ever meet a man who would actually respect my choice to wait.


You helped me to reaffirm my belief that if I continued on this path, I would meet a man who deserved me and not a boy I was groveling to please and keep.  Only three months after I started listening to you, I went on vacation with some girlfriends and met the man Iโ€™d been waiting for.  Instead of trying to make moves on me, he asked me to dance.  He asked for my number, and we met for coffee before we had to catch our respective flights.  In that 40 minutes, we discovered we lined up in our thinking on values, family and friends.  We โ€œdatedโ€ long distance for nine months, and then we both moved to a new state where we live separately and spent the last year and a half dating in-person and going through the seasons twice.  Two weeks ago, he asked me to marry him, and I said yes.

Thank you for reminding me that I was worth the pursuit and the wait and that there are good men out there who WILL treat women right.



There ARE Good Men Out There!

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