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Email of the Day: Three Lessons I Learned From You

By Dr. Laura on October, 12 2021
Email of the Day: Three Lessons I Learned From You

Sometimes on your program, you talk about things that have profoundly affected me. Three of them have been especially useful to me:


#3. Making it Worse In Order to Make it Easier. You stopped a woman in mid-rant who was operatic about her terrible relationship with her mother-in-law. What I got from that call was that if I describe a situation in exaggerated terms to all who will listen, then it becomes so large and so bad that I cannot possibly do anything about it. Itโ€™s an easy out โ€“ an excuse to not even try.


#2 Overdoing in Order to Be Needed. A caller was stressed and tired in her super-busy life. You focused on WHY she was saying โ€œyesโ€ to all the obligations. She wanted to feel needed and indispensable to feel important. Because I heard that call, I learned to honestly examine my motives before I commit my time and energy to a request.


#1 You Canโ€™t Have It Back. A caller was at a loss dealing with her empty next. She lamented the life she had when her kids gave her purpose. You said โ€œMadam, you canโ€™t have it back.โ€ I so related to that โ€“ being a busy wife and mom was for me the best gig ever. But it is not my job anymore. My mom used to tell me that my job as a mom is to make myself unnecessary. Because I am aware that I canโ€™t have it back, Iโ€™m finding many wonderful new things to do with my life. And I remember with gratitude, not sadness, all that went before.



Three Lessons I Learned From You



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