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Email of the Day: What A Mom Does All Day

By Dr. Laura on November, 15 2021
Email of the Day: What A Mom Does All Day

I found this handwritten list among some old papers. I remember carrying a pad and pen around with me for the day and jotting down each task, because my husband wondered what I did all day. At the time I wrote this, I had four small children.


1. Rubbed away 10 “boo boos.”

2. Sang 12 songs.

3. Washed 4 heads and bathed 4 bodies.

4. Clipped 80 nails.

5. Brushed three sets of teeth two times.

6. Cleaned 8 ears.

7. Changed 12 diapers.

8. Gave out 14 drinks.

9. Read 11 books

10. Did 4 loads of laundry.

11. Schooled 2 kids.

12. Carried a baby for a total of 5 hours.

13. Prepared 3 meals, and cleaned up after each of them.

14. Answered over 200 questions

15. Did morning and nighttime devotions.

16. Gave out 50 kisses and hugs.

17. Solved 100 problems.

18. Cleaned the house.

19. Paid the bills

20. Planned a party


Those four kids are grown and out, and they all remember fondly that I was there for them. No regrets – not one!



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