Email of the Day: What I Learned After I Was Physically Attacked

By Dr. Laura on July, 27 2021
Email of the Day: What I Learned After I Was Physically Attacked

Several years ago, while riding my bike on a road I’ve ridden thousands of times, I was attacked and nearly killed by a stranger. The attacker was almost 20 years younger than me, several inches taller and about 50 pounds heavier than I am. The attack lasted about 90 seconds, and my mind raced in a million directions. I tried to recall techniques from a self-defense course I had taken years ago, but in addition to all the physical advantages my attacker had over me, I was recovering from a knee injury. Ultimately, my life was saved by another cyclist (who I had met the day before on the same road) who happened upon us, and the attacker was arrested and put away.


The experience gave me a few lessons to ponder, and I wanted to share them:


1. You never know who you might meet one day who may end up saving you the next.

2. Take a self-defense class and review techniques periodically.

3. You don’t need to be physically stronger to survive an attack, but you do need to be prepared.

4. β€œWhy” this man wanted to hurt me didn’t really matter.

5. I fought hard to live and I will not now allow myself to live in fear. I continue to ride this path, but with a large can of pepper spray in my front pack.


Dr. Laura, keep telling your stories and giving your opinions. You never know when or how they might ring true for a listener on any given day.



What I Learned After I Was Physically Attacked



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